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after doing some serious .50 upper shopping...I ordered a Bohica from Chris around the end of feb 08 when they were still the mk2 and 995.00.... I paid 0.00 down and made my way on the list of hopeful owners.... I chose BohicaArms for a few solid reasons and those were...
1. price
2. service = no money down and 6 mo wait , cant beat that
3. all other .50 upper manufacturers which will remain nameless were either way overpriced or had thier head too far up thier own arses...they also wanted all the money up front and had a year or more wait(phuk that)
4.quality and workmanship( I saw one of these at the local gun store and that phuker was built like a tank)
5. investing in the little guys of the business world

So.... I have been patinetly waiting while others are chewing thier fingers off over the anticipation and finally after going over the estimated date by 5 mos , I get "the call" ... he then took my cc , finalized my order details and gave me a delivery date of valentines day.... he even upgraded to the mk3 platform free of charge....

good things come to those who wait boys... here is a picture of his product...

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Definitely need a range report once you have been able to shoot it.
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