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If you have been looking for a Gen 3 Bobro bipod with quick change lever attachment...be aware that Brownell's has them in stock at Gen 2 prices. The part number label on the box and the description on line at time of order will describe a Gen 2 bipod but the photo is that of a Gen 3. When you check out it upgrades to a Gen 3 on your order receipt and the Gen 3 is what will be received....even though the box is marked Gen 2. My cost delivered (with C&R discount) using a free shipping coupon from Shot show (now expired) was less than $214.00 total.

Brownell's part number is 100-004-052 and they remain in stock as of today 3/23/09

http://www.brownells.com/aspx/NS/store/ ... t=&s=53179

These things are slick...!

VERY well designed and lightweight.

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