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Blue box SSA question...

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Found and purchesed 1 box of blue box SSA with a yellow sticker that reads "110 Gr Pro Hunter", and a second blue box with a white sticker that reads "115 Gr Match King". No other makings seem to indicate whether they are "commercial" or "combat" loads.

Are either of these the old "combat loads"?

If so, are they (or are they not) a wee bit hotter than the current "tactical loads"?

I have a RA XCR coming this week (spec II, 4 groove, 1/10 twist) and they recommend using hot loads to break er in. I have several hundred SSA "tactical loads" on order, but I wanted to know if either of these blue boxes were the hot loads.

Thanks in advance!
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The SSA Blue Box 115Gr OTM load clocked at 2611f/s average out of my 18" Ko-tonics barrel (SPCII/1-11) and 2550f/s avg out of my 16" CMMG barrel (SAAMI/1-10). It shot extremely well out of either. Bought a bunch @ $13/box. Only negative is it uses the old large primer brass.
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