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Anyone know anything about Blackthorne 6.8 upper? They say they have them in stock. just curious.
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You missed one question and that is if they are CL or not. If the barrels are CL then you may be screwed no matter what as if the CL is bad you will end up with what Model 1 has or the issue with the last CA barrels. No reamer will fix that. On one of the Model 1 barrels that was blowing primers we tried to put a .268 pilot (.003 smaller then nominal minimum bore spec) down the bore and it woudl only go 2 inch in from the muzzle and hit a solid wall not got tight but more liek hit a shelf. Same thing from the chamber end infact we could not get it to go hardly past the throat if we even maded out of the throat. Same thing a hard stop. I am sure some are OK but you will not catch me shooting let alone owning any of the SAAMI 1:10 1:9.5 6 groove CL barrels sold by the parts warehouses such as these places. If nothing else it will kill any hopes for accuracy.
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Notice the 1/2 x 28 tpi threading. How long do you think it wil be before someone blow off there 5.56 muzzle device when they put it on by accident. I wonder if the parts will only go down range or end up in peoepl to the sdie of the line shooting. WOnder hwo big that law suite woudl be epseically when a there is a genral standard of using 5/8 or at the very leas the 9mm threading by STAG whatever that was as I can't rememeber off hand right now. Man if I had write Cand Is offering in that much detail it woudl have been a 10 page document and woudl have required downloading the PDF to read. :lol: :lol:
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