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Best Powder for 90 gr TNT

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If you had to choose RL 7 or RL 10x for target loads which one would use and why. This is for a 16" barrel. I have been using H322 with good results but read that either of these powders was a better choice.

Rhett in Az
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When C says compressed he is not kidding I think you will get all you need from Rel 7 now if the 10x was denser say like a ball than it would be hands down the best powder. If you plan to try and find one powder for all bullets and plan to load 100s than 10x is probably the best pick. Their load of rel 7 C recommended is a load he developed that has shown to be universally accurate is every barrel it has been used is so far. Not a 100% sure thing but its has a very good track record.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts