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Best Low Temperature Powder

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I've been using the 28.0 grains of Re10x with 115 grain SMK's in my Bison 20" Stainless with superb accuracy.

Yet, come winter, I'll switch over to either a 110 grain PH or 130 Grain but my bigger question is:
What is my best COLD weather powder to use when I take the rifle deer hunting this year?

I live in Wisconsin and hunt in the far north. Last year, opening day was -9 F. Yes, MINUS 9!!!

I've already read that 10x would not be my best choice this winter. Could you all recommend what you'd think my best choice for powder would be?

I can't even begin to simulate -9F with a bag of ice ( LOL!!!) but if a chill test is recommended, I'll do that, too.
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IIRC from paulo's test H335 and h322....
Most ball powders will loose 100 FPS from 100-0 degrees. X-Terminator was even worse at 150 FPS. The Hodgdon Extreme powders (H4198, H322, Benchmark, H4895, Varget) are the best and will only loose 25-50 FPS.
Thanks paulo, I still have a ton to learn with the powder stuff, I figured (incorrectly) that H322 and H335 were the same types of powder but different preassure curves..

is the H322 best for the 100 grain plus bullets? or does it work well for the lighter bullets as well?

Planning on using that to work up the hunting loads since I live in the north country.....
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