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Best "bulk" hunting bullet for the 6.8 & mid-sized game

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I have barnes and nosler bullets on hand for my designated limited production hunting bullets, but what have you found to be the best "bulk" bullet to reload for hunting mid-sized game such as whitetail and/or hogs in the 6.8. While I like to shoot plinking ammo, I prefer my plinking ammo to be something I can actually use for other applications if the need arrises.

I was wondering about the Pro-Hunter... Sierra Pro-Hunter Bullets 270 Caliber (277 Diameter) 110 Grain Spit...
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Speer 90g TNT.

Available in bulk packs and are as close as you can get to the Gold Dot.

for BULK bullets the 90TNT is a good deal for the 650 pack (but its's primarily a varmint bullet) --- I use the 90 grain gold dot pulls (now marketed as federal fusion 90grain fusion factory ammo) for plinking with hunting as back up as they have been proven performers on deer and hog--BUT it's hard to find the pulls since the saudi contract dried up.

if you could find pulls, the 110 PTS bullets would be good (but I have never seen them offered yet) --- you'll find some 130gr fusions as pulls sometimes--- some guys use the 115grain custom comps (blems) --- they are HPBT bullets that are very accurate, but are not "officially" marketed as hunting bullets --- nosler also has a 110grain spitzer "defense" round that you might keep an eye out for the blems or seconds but I'm not sure exactly what Spitzer bullets they are using in this round ( new ballistic tip maybe?)
I use the 90gr gd's as well but when those run out I am going to use the hornady 110bthp or maybe some of those 90gr nosler sp if they have a good deal on the seconds. I have loads worked up for the bthp because they are always available and work decent on hogs. I only take neck shots on hogs if possible and the 110 bthp and 75gr bthp in 5.56 work.
The 110 BTHP is a good one as suggested by THM and ATEXAN. The BTHP's BC is an honest 0.370. They are one of the more accurate bullets in the 6.8mm. They will function out to 300 yards so are good for neck shots on hogs, lung shots on deer, and all type of varmints. 115 CC does the same also but will function out to 400 yards in the testing I have done.
The 110gr blems listed on midway appear to possibly be the PTS. Of course, we'love never know without testing but for the price, it may be worth buying some even if they end up as plinkers.


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