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Barrel Question

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And the post whoring begins :D

Ok, so I've been doing some reading here, mainly referring to the 6.8 Barrel Chart that was so nicely put together and picked out the barrels that suited my needs. This build will mostly be a SHTF rifle/long distance shooting.
So i need a 14.5-16 inch barrel, chrome lined, but would take a SS barrel if i had no other option.
Now by long distance i mean a maximum or 300 yards or less. Now the manufacturers i selected are AR15 Performance and Titan Arms based on my required specs. As I was browsing them i noticed AR15 and Titan sell complete uppers.
So my questions are, 1. following the guidelines of the chart and i won't settle for anything less than a A-B quality barrel where i can order just a plain barrel without the complete upper im willing to sign up for the long haul and wait but i just can't find anyplace that meets my specs, and 2. can someone explain to me the grooves between poly, 4,4gr,5,5r,6, etc.. what makes some better than others, Thank you.
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Bison Armory also has an order of 16" barrels coming in in a few months. I know that they are not CL, but SS makes for some pretty accurate barrels. Also, Bison is a site sponsor and the owner frequently visits these forums. If you can't get on a list for one of Titan's or ARP's barrels (depending on where you live) it might be a good idea to get on the pre-order list for Bison's 16" barrels.
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