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Barrel length

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I have built a titanium sdta form 1 can. I love it. Actually filed another form 1 to build another. I've run it on several ars. Here is my question. I have a 8.5" 6.8 sbr. Safe or not. I've avoided it to this point. One of my buddies wanted to know why. I just assumed it was a no go. What would it do. I'm assuming it would just cause accelerated wear on the first baffle. Which could easily be rotated with other baffles. Of course I'd never consider replacing a baffle it even though it would be extremely simple to do.
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Maybe this time build the F1 can with better material that can take the blast better.
Does anyone know what the sdta challenge coin( http://sdtacticalarms.com/SDTA-Challenge-Coin-D-size_p_82.html ) is made of. Would it be more resistant to wear from the blast? Is their any problem with the freeze plugs or the titanium tube? I know a steel tube would likely be stronger, but I'd like to keep it as light as possible too. Or am I just overthinking it?
What did you use for baffles, and what are the dimensions of your tube? If you'll give me some dimensions I can calculate burst and yield pressure for you. I need OD, wall thickness or ID, and end cap thread pitch, along with blast chamber length (internal distance between end cap and first baffle). I'm pretty sure SDTA's Ti tubes are grade 9, unless you have info stating otherwise.
Thanks yondering, but I'm not even sure on a lot of that stuff. It's simply a 10" tube, with the titanium endcaps. I do not know what threads sdta uses on the endcaps. I have a 1.6" blast chamber. The baffles are just regular old freeze plugs pressed with the js tactical tool. Sealed power 381-3179 and I think the js tool is like a 30 degree cone. I did drill 3/8" hole as I had planned on using it on a 30 caliber firearm as well. That alone I would think would be huge in cutting down on pressure. It is a d sized tube. The inside diameter of my blast chamber is 1.295" on the inside of the titanium spacer material I used. The od of the can is 1.5". Not sure if that is anywhere near enough info, but I appreciate it. Thanks. I also posted on the sdta forum, but I have not received any responses there yet. I used a small spacer between the first few plugs also. So 1.6" blast chamber, plug, 1/2" spacer, plug, 1/3" spacer plugs solid to the end.

The new can will be the same on everything except length. I am doing the same setup in a 8" tube.
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Could you measure the diameter of the threads on one of the end caps? That would help me estimate the thickness of the tube in the threads.
There is .025" left of the tube after the threads are cut. On the end of the tube there is about an 1/8" that is cut down before the threads start. I was able to measure the thickness there
I have seen that lip on these tubes, but I think the thinnest section in the threaded area is still thicker than that. .025" is pretty thin.
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