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barrel help

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well I want to join the 6.8 club and have a AR platform for hunting game and punching groups in paper. So I'm stuck on what barrel to get. Who has barrels in stock or don't have a long waiting list to get one? I want a rifle that is accurate and not heavy.
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The Titan barrel is the basic offering but with optimal specs and chrome lined for longevity.
Ar performance offers the same barrel as well as match grade barrels and such.

I own a WOA 1-11 6 groove in ss and its a straight shooter out to 400yds... Mine was fire lapped as part of the break in process so it may perform slightly different. Since I purchased my barrel they changed thier barrel specs to a more desireable 1-11twist 4 groove...should definately be a shooter.

Bison armory ss barrels are shooters as well... you cant go wrong with any of these choices...there has been no negative feedback to speak of ...
well I have a AR performance barrel and bolt ordered I can't wait to put this together and start shooting it.
Good job.....
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