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Barnes TTSX loads

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I know the Barnes 110 gr. TTSX is longer than the Barnes 110gr. TSX, 110 gr.Accubonds and Pro Hunters. What I would like to know is can use the same load data, say 30.0gr of 10X or 32.5 gr. of H335 with the TTSX? I would think that a longer bullet would = less case volumn and create higher pressures. All loads are in SSA SR cases loaded to 2.3oal.
These will be used in my 6.8XT.
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Technically you should really never use the same load data for a different bullet. This is speaking of max loads of course.

A couple of things with the TTSX. Make sure when you load it the neck to body junction ( ogive) is not inside the case neck. To do this you really need to load to 2.295 you can go a bit less but as much as you can get from your mags the better. Compared to the TSX laoded to the same COAL the TTSX will absoltuely create more pressure as it is taking up significantly more of the case space. The question is if your load for the TSX is not maxed for it then it maybe fine for the TTSX but it will be at a higher pressure just possibley not at the max of 55K. My suggestion as with all loads is start a full grain lower and load 2 rounds and then two more .5 up and then finally 2 more at the load you want to stop at or continue to go up in .5 grain steps until you see the first signs of a swipe then back down .5 grains and set that is your max. From there start to work your tuning to find the accuracy node but never exceeding that max you set. If you have to go down some then so be it. The longer you load the TSX and TTSX type bullet the better the accuracy will be. If you want max vel do not crimp your bullets. If you are suing a standard FL die you have plenty of neck tension. I have yet to see a single person report a bullet setback unless they were using a STAG with no M4 ramps whihc is jsut looking for trouble.
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