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Barnes TTSX loads

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I know the Barnes 110 gr. TTSX is longer than the Barnes 110gr. TSX, 110 gr.Accubonds and Pro Hunters. What I would like to know is can use the same load data, say 30.0gr of 10X or 32.5 gr. of H335 with the TTSX? I would think that a longer bullet would = less case volumn and create higher pressures. All loads are in SSA SR cases loaded to 2.3oal.
These will be used in my 6.8XT.
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I have had excellent accuracy and about 2700 FPS from Cardinal Armory 16" barrels using the 110 TTSX, loaded out to 2.30, and with 29.5 grains of RE 10X.

With the XT, you might be able to get in another 1/2 grain, but use caution and work up.
I ran 30g of H322 with the 110x Barnes TTSX
no pressure signs with my 18" DMR stainless barrel from Harrison
absolute terror on game :)

with my recon, after I shot 100 rounds of 27.8g of RL10x and Hornaday brass I shot a small group of 30g RL10X, SSA brass loads
no signs of pressure
I was in a hurry and only shot at 50 yards but the group was about a 1/2"
at 100 yards and 3 shots at 100 yards was around an inch or so with a 4x scope

I need to get back out and do some testing and I want to load some 85g

Barnes bullets like to be driven fast according to them

What was your velocity with H322?
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