I have Barnes bullets for sale:

SKU: 30252

7 boxes of Barnes 85 gr RRLP. Each box contains 100 bullets. $35 per box.
1 opened box (84 bullets) of Barnes 85 gr RRLP. This box contains 84 bullets. $30.00 for this box.

SKU: 27721

1 box of Barnes 95gr TAC-TX. This box contains 50 bullets. $35 for this box.
1 opened box of Barnes 95 gr TAC-TX. This box contains 19 bullets. $14 for this box.

Prices do not include shipping. Buyer pays shipping. I use USPS to ship. A USPS medium flat rate box is $17.05.

I will sell the whole lot for $290.00 and I will pay for the shipping.

Pics available upon request.

I will not ship to ban states or FOID states.

I accept Paypal and Venmo.

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