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ATN X-Sight II 5-20x

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Just bought an ATN X-Sight II 5-20x from SG and it comes with a substandard IR light, reviews from people say its good for 100yds but I want to buy the best long range IR light I can get, so im asking you guys with experience in IR lights on which one that would be, I've also seen where some of these lights come with an adjustable mount to be able to slightly move the light beam to line up with your target at varrying distances. I'm all ears.
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I'd suggest placement of the IR light out in front of the scope by at least 12". Placement here gives the best image overall.

because your running a higher resolution screen it won't be as critical to locate and buy an IR mount that is adjustable - those can be quite expensive. They helped improve the image slightly on older digital technology but again i wouldn't make it a priority.

t20 is the smallest Ir light id buy , t50 is becoming the new standard , then if you want the biggest baddest there are t74 or larger , they take two batteries and have a super large head plus more weight .

after you get hunting and figure out if the scope is going to work - you might want to consider buying IR lights that you can place high above your hunting area to flood the area , that works well if you hunt statically from blinds.
been doing some research and this is the one ive come up with so far, i did check out the ones you suggested pig popper. anyone know of a better IR light than this? they claim 1700+ yds with a gen3.

Yes, the included light is junk but I plan on using mine mostly as a day rig on a 10/22. Here it is all complete.

Heinous typos thanks to autocorrect.
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How you liking the scope Gaberelli?
How you liking the scope Gaberelli?
I'm liking it. Not problems yet. I was going to make it to the range with it for the first time today but life happened. I'll post something up when I do.

I did my first "hack" and put two different size felt chair pass on the select and power button to make finding them behind the scope easier.

How bout you?

Heinous typos thanks to autocorrect.
Just ordered mine today from sportsmans guide, not sure when it will come in. just looking for a good long range IR light to go with it.
The TNVC leader looks like the cats pajamas but I'll probably start with a T50.

Heinous typos thanks to autocorrect.
My SniperHog 66LRX IR light came today, batteries charging at the moment but still a few weeks out on the scope back order, I did order and extra white light module for it so I can at least play with that tonight. I'll report back later on it.
As for the sniperhog 66LRX i played around with the white light module and its definitely a nice light, i was able to see the leaves and branches on a tree at a 1000yds with the naked eye and the light focused to spot, I also ordered the dimmer switch tailcap which is just turning a ring on the cap to turn it on and off and from dim to max light. I also cancelled my back order with Sportsmans guide for the ATN X-Sight II 5-20 because i picked one up a lil bit ago at a local Cabelas, they have a sale starting on the 11th for a free power pack but they went ahead and let me have it today, i also got a 10% employee discount from one of the employee's, so all in all i saved $200 bucks. Getting ready to open this thing up and play around with it, will report back later.
I played around with the scope during daylight hours and man this thing is sweet, I wasn't able to try it out at night till tonight, I just got back from going out on the mountain to get pitch black darkness and as I figured the IR light that came with it is good for 100 yds or so and less but when I turned on the sniper hog it was an awesome sight, the spot I was in allowed me to check the scope out to about 300 yds or a little more and the sniper hog lit it up, I'm sure it would've done good at longer ranges, I could've easily taken some game with the view I had, I did take some video comparing the 2 lights but I might have to wait till Sunday to get it uploaded, my computer is at my apartment in Ohio. I think I'm going to take the 5-20 back and get the 3-18 for more field of view at short range.
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