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Asked Springfield this question the other day

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Both my wife and I have the Springfield Micro Compact in 45 Auto's. I asked why they quit making them. I know, I know, folks like the XD and Glocks but i, for one, love the grip safetyand the ability to carry it "cocked and locked". The guy I talked with said he likes the Compact too and doesn't know why they quit making them. At Gun Broker the price for these, used is up to $1200 (??)

I also told him i would love to have one in 38 Super. I shot IPSC WAY back when I was the first to shot one in Competition, at that time. I had a Combat Commander with a Barsto Barrel and ran some ++ P ammo , to make major. Except the Colt threw cases away at diff angles each shot, I did well with it. Like a fool I sold it to a friend, on the premise, If he ever decided to sell it, I would have First right of Refusal, on buying it back. We all know what happened there.

Do any of you know why they stopped making such a good carry gun, in a cal I really like?

Are there any reported problems with the Springfield Micro Compact, that you know of ??

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I love mine. All my troubles went away with Wilson combat mags and nighthawk mags. But maybe it was because it was new and breaking in when I had those troubles. I didn't realise they were jumping in value like that. I rarely carry it though. Seem to grab the glock first.
Typically demand will curb or even eliminate products many people love, stuff like this most people only buy one or two so its not really a repeat purchase. I think the polymer pistols are more popular and the price point is more appealing to the general public.

I do feel your pain though, I wish Ruger and Marlin would bring back their pistol caliber carbines
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