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I said when I stopped producing wildcats I would give out the reamer drawings if someone wanted to have one custom made-
The one shown as 270 Short is the 270 AR. I do not have a 270 MSR at the moment.


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Do you have the SIX5? I'd really like to get a 12 inch barrel made of thi8sw.

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I'll have a bunch of reamers for sale soon. Most are sets of 2, carbide rougher and finisher. You can normally chamber 400 barrels before they get dull. Sets will sell for $200. Normally $280ea or 560 a set of 2. I believe all of these are JGS reamers, the 224 Valkyrie is the correct spec. The 240 Valkyrie is mainly for 90gr and lighter hunting bullets, the case is too long to use 95smks or 105+gr bullet.
224 Predator(necked down Grendel)
6mm Predator(necked down Grendel)
6.8 Predator(necked up Grendel)
224 Valkyrie
240 Valkyrie
5.56x42(necked down 6.8)
6mm Dasher(Norma version long brass)
277 Wolverine
270-08 (not the same as the new 6.8x51) Use 7mm-08 dies to load
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