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AR Project

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I want to build an AR. Want to start with a stripped lower and customize it the way I want. Are parts hard to come by? I want a good trigger. I see kits for completing lowers, but they include a cheap trigger. I wish to not buy a bunch of stuff that I end up throwing away. What is the best way for me to go?

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Denny's GTS sometimes has LPK's that come with upgraded triggers. Depends on if he has any coming in. Call Denny.

RRA lower parts kits can be ordered with RRA's two stage match trigger. These are getting hard to find. See Legal Transfers in the Lower Parts section in AR15.com Equipment Exchange.

ADCO sometimes has White Oak Armament LPK's that come w/o the trigger so you can choose your own. ADCO also sells Geissele triggers, RRA triggers, and WOA tuned RRA triggers.

Some places like RB Precision will sell you a custom LPK with the trigger you want, or sans trigger.

Many buy standard LPK's then send the trigger to Bill Springfield for his trigger job. It's inexpensive and many guys here like theirs.

Parts are hard to find, so shop til you drop!!
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