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AR furniture for sale Plus a suit case handle that came off a Bushmaster

Black Hand guard and black buttstock that came off Bushmaster OEM Brand new was not used $15.00 hand guard and $20.00 stock + shipping
Green Handguard and green buttstock (Olive drab color ) $15.00 a piece or 25.00 for the set + shipping
Suit case handle ( IT has the rear sight in it. ) 20.00 + shipping
UTG 2 PC hand Guard that has four sides of picitanny rails Carbine Length $25.00 + shipping
6.8 SPC Stag barrel w/ front sight gas block gas tube All for 120.00 + shipping
Barrel has not been reamed, and not had 100 rounds through it. Was going to ream it myself but could not locate a reamer to borrow or rent local.
Pm me for Pics

Not sure how to post the pics here. Can Email them
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