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Anyone have a prohunter "fail"

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I have been extremely pleased with the performance of the tipped tsx 110s on game.
flawless performance

as far as on game performance I see no reason to run anything else frankly, other than the price

My question is has anyone truly had a prohunter "fail" on game?

My definition for failing is if the bullet was put in the right spot you were unable to recover the animal
not exiting is not failure if you got to eat it in my opinion unless it was a "good shot" but the bullet exploded on contact and didn't reach the vitals and it was a long tracking ordeal

anyone care to comment?
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I use Barnes and prohunters with good success but I have another one to throw out there. The Speer 130 gr Hotcore bullets have knocked down some really big pigs for me. No, they are not going at light speed but they don't need to. They group pretty well (not as good as prohunters) They penatrate well and make a mess or the internal organs. I intentionally shoot at the shoulder just to see if I can loose one but have not yet. H335 is a good powder and I think I chronoed about 2500fps before I shot my chrono (I know, what a dumb ass)
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