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Anyone go gigging?

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Had an awesome time tonight gigging, biggest flounder yet. Anyone else fish or gig??? Anyhow thought I'd share.
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Having lived in Alaska for many years, I'm spoiled. I'm all about halibut. But love me some good flounder as well.
Bucket list items for me!

1. Go visit Alaska
2. Try and catch a 'barndoor'. I still cannot believe people spearfish those things!
I sure do miss the fishing down there. Spent a good bit of my life in that area but I hate the growth, way too many people for my taste any more. That's why I moved to NE GA.
Agreed, my area while growing up was a sweet spot I believe. Not too small, not too big. Over the years it's developed at FL high growth rate, but that rate has gone parabolic since the 'pandemic'. I remember being in traffic thinking to myself "dang snowbirds", only to realize it wasn't snowbird season and the NY, Mass., and CT license plates I was seeing were here to stay. The newly added skyline downtown only confirms my hunch.

...Married to my fixer-upper house for now, but scoping out greener pastures for the future
1 - 3 of 10 Posts