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Any one Turkey Hunt?

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Our season starts this coming weekend in Middle TN.

I love those Thunder Chickens!! I can't wait to talk to turkeys for a month. Here turkey, turkey, turkey!!
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He was just a two year old, but we had to work hard for this guy. 9.75" beard. 3/4 in spurs. 18lbs.

That was a public land bird too!

He required a 2+ mile hike through sand and swamp. Shot him down in south Alabama on the Boykin mngmt area. We were listening on a powerline and heard him gobling on the next ridge over. We humped it down the ridge, through a swamp, and back up onto his ridge. We worked to within 100 yards of him. We set down and just lightly called to him to let him know we were there and then shut up for about 45 min. The whole time he was strutting and gobbling at every crow in the area. We eventually picked up the calls again, but still just lightly purring and clucking. After another hour or so of occaisionally calling, he couldnt stand it anymore. The last two times he gobbled I could tell he was really close. He shut up after that. I had a feeling he was coming, so I readied the shotgun. A few minutes later I could hear him walking behind some brush at about 18 yards. He came out from behind the brush and BOOM! After setting on the ground for 2 hours or so....my ass was sore and my legs were numb. But....I tell ya....what a feeling. Then it was another 2+ miles up hill to the truck!
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I got a nice Gobbler with an 8 inch beard 2 years ago here in Virginia, called it in while Deer hunting and shot it through the neck with my Black Rifle 6.8 SPC using SSA Pro Hunter ammo at 35 yards. :D
Went camping with a buddy this past weekend. We woke up to 16 deer grazing 30yds from camp and turkey gobbling. After the deer moved on I called the toms. I brought one from close to 400yds away. I watched him strut down the road for about 300yds until he was about 60yds away then I called it off since it wasn't turkey season until next weekend!
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