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pantherdude said:
owenslee said:
pantherdude said:
Walleye fishing! Lots-O-fun!
AND...Lots-O-Good eatin....!

Amen to that!
I'll second that as well!! Walleyes are my first choice. Followed closely by panfish. Especially crappie!! My lil' lady and I hit the water as much as possible over the warmer months. We had an exceptional season this year with 4 crappie coming in at better than 2 pounds each!! This one went 3.6 and was 18.25" long!!

Here's my better half with her personal best of 2.2 pounds!! This was one of three of that size she caught that day thanks to my superb guiding skills!!! :wink:

With open water just a memory, we're gearing up for "hard water" fishing and a few months of staring down a 10" hole in the ice...
1 - 1 of 45 Posts
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