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Any Courses in North Georgia?

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Is anyone aware of any good weapons self-defense courses in the Atlanta area or north Georgia? Being a left-handed shooter who is near-sighted in one eye and far-sighted in the other, I can't hit squat with a pistol.
Thanks in advance,
Bob - Roswell, GA
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I shoot left handed. I try keeping both eyes open, but the front sight is usually blurred unless I raise my head and use the lower portion of my bifocals. I shoot a Glock 29, a Taurus PT-145, and a Springfield XDm-19.
Yes, and I need more practice. My shots tend to go down and to the right. I'm working on applying pressure to the trigger onlly while the sight alignment is correct and holding that pressure if they go out of alignment.
Thanks, Cold. That's about 65 miles from me, but mostly Interstate. Looks like a really nice facility on the satellite image.
Thanks to all who gave me tips and ideas.

Now let me relate how bad I can really be with a pistol. I was qualifying on the 1911 in the Navy. Don't ask me why I needed that, I spent my entire career on a submarine. Anyway, I shot my first eight rounds at the target and the instructor came up and said, "Not bad, but try and put the next eight on your target instead of the guy's standing next to you."
Practice, Practice, Practice!

Im sure that can be fixed with some practice, dont give up!
That was in 1968. I've improved somewhat. I can hit a watermelon at 10 yds with my Glock 10 mm and 100 yds with my Mini-6.8 mm. I try to shoot something at least once a week and do a lot of dry-firing while I watch T.V. - mostly aiming at MSNBC anchors and talking heads.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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