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Any Courses in North Georgia?

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Is anyone aware of any good weapons self-defense courses in the Atlanta area or north Georgia? Being a left-handed shooter who is near-sighted in one eye and far-sighted in the other, I can't hit squat with a pistol.
Thanks in advance,
Bob - Roswell, GA
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google search south river gun club, they hold many classes.

I think their site is

Thanks, Cold. That's about 65 miles from me, but mostly Interstate. Looks like a really nice facility on the satellite image.
Its a very nice place.

They have been the host to the area 6 championship and area 6 multi gun championship several years in a row.

Their USPSA / IPSC matches are good too.

IF you need some suggestions on instructors who run classes out of SRGC, shoot me a note.
Im sure that can be fixed with some practice, dont give up!
That was in 1968. I've improved somewhat. I can hit a watermelon at 10 yds with my Glock 10 mm and 100 yds with my Mini-6.8 mm. I try to shoot something at least once a week and do a lot of dry-firing while I watch T.V. - mostly aiming at MSNBC anchors and talking heads.
Dry firing will improve your shooting, also working in drawstroke and trigger prep.

I try to get in 30 mins of DF 5 times a week, whether its with my production or limited rig.

I see the differences week to week and match to match, when I get in more DF or not.

Keep it up, it will pay off, for some good DF drills check out


he puts a new drill each day on his site and is a great production gun shooter!
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1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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