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another pig gets greased....

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Here is an example of a pig that we shot running, taking the only opportunity we had. This is a client that had never been pig hunting before. I took him out during the evening, and this ugly-ass thing ran out, and tried to run the gauntlet, across a food plot he had been visiting.

We saw, it, I said "shoot, now" & he shot at the shoulder since it was the largest part of the target. I heard the hit, the pig jumped, made a faint squeal and a grunt, and he started running faster. So my client shot again, and hit the pig again, behind the 6th or 7th rib. The thing only went about 40 yards, and crumpled. One bullet traversed both shoulder blades...the other went through the liver at about 10 inches further aft.

Once again, this pig was shot with 2 Barnes TSX, 85 grainers, and both exited. Now, I know all of you like the head shot and say that the "protective shoulder plate" should not be shot at. Well with a 6.8 SPC, loaded with 85 grain TSX's going 3203 FPS, I don't think that's a problem. This pig weighted 284 pounds.

The rifle is my ARPerformance 20" SS 12 twist, 3 groove and it launches the 85 grain TSX at 3203 FPS, and shoots a 0.8" group with them.

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Awesome report HTR. Glad to see the 85 gr. penetrates so well and is accurate to boot. Wouldn't be too hard to paint that 6.8 to match that Hawgoflage :lol: . My next rifle will be a 20", that's a great lookin' rig. And hey, that guy looks like one of the Doc's I've worked with. :eek: . Look forward to your deer blast report. Thanks!
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