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Another one bites the dust

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This is our second year hunting with the 6.8 spc. Last year my daughter and I combined took 4 deer, two turkey, and one coyote with a 20" ARP barreled upper. All of these animals were shot suppressed using the federal white box 90 gr gold dot ammunition. Rifle and ammo performed flawlessly last year... Very impressed with the rifle/ammo combo.

Tuesday afternoon my 14 year old daughter took a nice cull buck at 150 yds with the same rifle. This year we used a 95gr Barnes bullet loaded over a max load of RE7. Velocity should be around 2900 fps. Buck dropped on the spot. Bullet hit close to the shoulder neck junction and exited cleanly, 1 1/2" ext hole. Bullet was not recovered. Daughter made an excellent shot with my youngest daughter who's 11 looking on. Both were extatic after the shot. Pictures will be posted directly.
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Couple of real hams there. Congrats to all on a fine kill for the freezer. :a04: Way to start 'em young with things which matter.
Congrats. I enjoy seeing the next generation hunting and specially females.
Those smiles are worth it all. It don't get much better
than that. You have some great memories in the
making. They grow up so fast. The time you spend
in the field together will never be forgotten.
Those are forever memories. Congrats to all of you!
My 11 year old daughter killed her first deer, a 6 point buck, 3 weeks ago, and watching her harvest him was something I'll always treasure.
Excellent work! Have you ever shot a javi with the 6.8?
Thanks for all the compliments.
No, I've never shot a javelina with the 6.8 yet, but I smoked another coyote today while calling. 90 gr gold dots are awesome!
The FIRST DEER is special for any young hunter. Nice to see you have taught her safety as well as accuracy, her finger is OFF the trigger. The smiles could not be bigger...lol

Congrats to your Sharp Shooter and to you as a great Instructor.....Dad
Congrats to the two young ladies,, i like the nail polish and deer hunt combo,,,

Heres a pic of the coyote we called in.
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