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Greetings All: I'm Liberty.
I signed on to your site last week and have sinse found this forum to be very helpful and its members quite generous in their willingness to help. My adventure with 6.8 began when I recently walked into my favorite gun dealer's shop and spotted a new M4/A3 Bushmaster carbine in this promising new cartridge. Perhaps, in this solitary sense, the ten-year Baloney Law finally accomplished helped to bring me to such point that I did not hesitate to make it mine. When I inquired about the 6.8 spc, apart from the fact that ammo is significantly priceier than 5.56, their comments were quite favorable. Since I have the capability to reload, ammo expense was less of a deterent to me than it might be to some others. It makes good sense to me to chamber a cartridge that effectively shares some of the best characteristics of both the 5.56 and 7.62 and can be used for both target shooting and hunting. I enjoy the AR (constitution rifles) and hope that, in the end, my choice of brand will prove to have been a wise decision.
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