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Wanted to introduce myself..
live in Austin, TX
43 with 3 kids and a great wife
love to hunt, work on guns, shoot, ride and build custom mountain bikes, etc..

I recently got a 6.8 upper, a RRA from a local, midlength with a FF tube
optics are a 1.5-6x40 Burris Euro Diamond with lit german #4 reticle
RRA lower, magpul grip and Ace Skeleton stock

main use of the gun will be hog hunting which I love to do and at night a lot of the times
I have several other suitable guns, 308 and 270 bolt guns and a 45/70 guide gun but wanted a semi auto with more power than a 5.56 (have a sabre defense upper in 5.56) and not as heavy as an AR10 308

I am starting with the RRA upper and may change it out if I feel the need or want, just sort of testing the 6.8 waters... also seriously was considering the 6.5G

took it out yesterday for the first time after a thorough barrel cleaning and JB bore paste effort.
happy to report that I was getting about an inch group at a hundred yards with Hornady TAP 110g HPs out of the first box, so, I am sure with some more rounds through the barrel and some load development (I do reload, but don't want to HAVE to reload) the groups should shrink

my understanding is that this is a very fresh upper from RRA and should have the newer SAAMI spec but a 1-10 twist
so, I am a little apprehensive on it's performance, will shoot for a while and then decide

thanks, it's been some good reading
especially on the hunting section
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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