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Another AR variant the 57 upper

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I ordered one of those 57 uppers from palamento state about a month ago it was shipped quickly and when I got home I played around with it a bit fired 50 rounds out of it and had no issues but I was waiting on the optic I got from the group buy on another site before I really sighted it in and called it good.
Here is the upper mounted onto a Spikes infidel lower I had laying around.

Here is the 5.7x28 round next to a 556 and a 6.8 SPC

here is the target I shot with this upper:

I sighted it in at first at 25 yards with the 40 grain Vmax round. It was shooting low left but I finaly got it into the middle. The optic clicks were true and it got me on target quickly. after I got the rounds on target I fired 5 rounds of the SS192 the ball ammo at the upper right hand target the SS197 Vmax round at the middle target and the SS195 the 27 grain lead free bullet at the lower left hand target. I then went back to the 50 and shot them all again with 5 rounds each. all the rounds are shooting about a half inch low at 25 and about the same high at 50 which is good. I dont expect to use this rifle much past that. I then set up some clays and such and shot them with ease at the 50 yard line in a sitting position. I plan on going back later and shooting some milk jugs with the different rounds to see how they do when they impact fluids. Again I dont really have a purpose for this rifle but that has never stopped me before :D
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that beater nc star scope faired well atop my sks... easy head shots at 30 yds co-witnessing....

that looks nice and handy....

oh btw... is that a glass of scotch or whiskey in the background there??? :wink:

chaos is good... I was actually happy your bench looked that way becuase its exactly how mine would look.... you will pick it all up and put it away in its own cubby and next week it will be all over the place again.... its a beautiful thing....

nice rig...

1 - 2 of 10 Posts