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Another 7.5" 6.8 SPC

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Here is another 7.5" 6.8 I built last week. Its built on one of our prototype billet lowers.

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Wow Tom thats pure hottness! Will you be selling these as complete SBR's?
Sure we can do that!
Could you give us a rough estimate on cost for the above? (maybe just the upper minus the red dot and if you have an idea on the price of the lower too)

Tom thanks for the preview and answers. DAMN the wallet sucking phenomenon of that spider logo, although your 22lr feels like it is saves me money in reality I am just shooting 25 times more bullets. =)

Again sweet sweet blaster..
I don't know, something about bumping a thread seems low brow..

anyways, is there any news on price? Lower as is facory SBR?

just asking
1 - 3 of 29 Posts