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Hi all. I have some Peq-2 replicas for sale. brand new. Instead of infared, they are replaced with a 130 Lumen led and red low vis laser. laser is fully adjustable. These actually work great on rifles up to .308. I have them on my M4 and DSA SA-58. 500+ rounds through both units. Top notch, no BS. They hold Zero Very well. Multiple touch pads, and case. Standard mounting unit can be replaced with Larue Quick detach mount. This will complete that true hard core look!! reasonable price. Units ready to go, $150 for members. I will accept paypal. +2%. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

NOTE: In person the Red laser is very visable. With light on, You just can't tell on the picture..

I have also been selling these on AR15.com, and customers have been real satisfied. Thanks for looking! :roll:
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