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OK guys, since there seems to be a shortage of ammo and I still have a little stock left over from my last gunshow sale, I am gonna offer it to you at the same prices I had at the gunshow, except we will have to add actual packing and shipping and a 4% card fee if you use a card.

I can take VISA, Master Card, and American Express, and any Debit card that uses those processors, I'll also accept cash or cashiers check via mail.

All ammo is new ammo loaded with new components in factory original boxes unless otherwise specified. Some of the prices are higher than I would like, but they reflect the prices I've been given by my supplier and there is just not a whole lot I can do about it. If you want a whole bunch of stuff you can ask for a lower price, but I dont have a lot of room to deal, as my markup is pretty slim anyway.

you can email me with an order at [email protected], and I can take your credit card info over the phone. Where I can I will pack your order up into a box and ship it off to you, but I may also have my mail place pack it up and ship it if i cant dig up a box. Either way I will only charge you what I am being charged for packing and shipping, and I'll do my best to minimize it for you.

Heres what I have left: (HSM= Hunting Shack) [/b]

9mm-8N HSM 9mm 124 Gold Dot 16 boxes of 50 $19.50 per box

38-2R HSM 38 Special 158gr Semi Wad Cutter lead, bulk pak reloads. 13 boxes of 500 $110 per box

RA40T Winchester 40 S&W 180gr JHP subsonic LE packaging. 4 boxes of 50 $26 per box

P40HST1 Federal Premium 40 S&W 180gr HST jacketed hollow point LE ammo. 20 boxes of 50 $49 per box

GM223M Federal .223 69gr BTHP Gold Medal Match. 99 Boxes of 20 $27 per box

RA223BTSA Winchester ranger 223 55gr Ballistic Silver Tip. 7 boxes of 20. $22 per box

22-250-4N HSM 22-250 55gr pointed soft point. 6 boxes of 20. $15 per box

270-2N HSM .270win 150gr Soft Point Boat Tail. 28 boxes of 20. $19 per box

GM308M2 Federal Premium 308 175gr BTHP Gold Medal Match. 50 boxes of 20. $37 per box

X30061 Winchester 30'06 150gr Power Point SP. 19 boxes of 20. $18.50 per box

300WM-5N HSM 300 Win Mag 180gr Pointed Soft Point. 6 boxes of 20. $25.50 per box

50-1N HSM 50 BMG 647gr FMJ (all new components). 20 boxes of 10. $39 per box

50-2N HSM 50 BMG 750gr AMAX Match (all new components) 28 boxes of 10. $47 per box

RSL-12 Rio 12 Gauge Slug. 1 1/4oz. May be low recoil or full power, I have some of each IIRC. 34 boxes

of 10. $7.25 per box

Please do me and you a favor and make your order at least $100 in ammo, Thank you.

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