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Also Impressed

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As hard as it is to believe the quality could be anything but really bad, I recently bought the 3.5-10X44 30mm version of the scope below at Graf's for $69.99 on closeout. I figured what the hell, MSRP was almost $200. I got it and I can say I've been highly impressed. Put it on my 22 Nosler, the optics are bright and clear as a bell the finish and construction is excellent. It has a very nice fine duplex/ballistic reticle, 30mm tube. They sold out pretty fast and I regret not buying another.

They also, still, have the 3-9X40 30mm version on closeout for $49 and some change. Based on what the other was like I figured what the hell again and bought one. I just got it today and, again, I'm impressed. Same apparent quality, reticle, etc. Though I probably won't be sticking these on high caliber rifles like my 308 or 260 Remington I suspect they will hold up to most of what I have that need them. With the finer duplex crosshair they will be great on a couple of my squirrel guns.


I've searched and searched but these are nowhere to be found on the BSA Website or anywhere else in the 30mm tube version. They do exist in the 1" tube version. Maybe they were a limited or experimental run to see if there was a market for the 30mm tube? Who knows.
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