I'm getting rid of my 6.8 stuff since I don't ever use it anymore. I built the rifle for hunting and it's done a damn good job of that. I'll do my best to remember what's all in the rifle since it was built years ago. It's a moa shooting gun with any ammo I've put through it. I've got 6 full boxes of ammo and 17 rds of what I'm 95% sure is hornady 120 sst's. Also have roughly 140 pcs of brass that is mostly hornady or federal new brass.

Rifle build consists of
  • 18"bison barrel
  • 6.8 bolt I bought with barrel from bison
    Green Product Textile Pink Line
Product Textile Bag Grey Creative arts

Rectangle Paint Material property Circuit component Plastic

  • 15" mlok handguard
  • arfx skeleton stock
  • aero precision scope mount
  • either a vx1 or vx2 3-9(can't remember)
  • magpul pistol grip
  • ALG defense trigger
  • 2 ten round asc magazines
Rifle is rattle can painted so it can be removed if you don't like it. The rifle is very light and balanced and is currently sighted in at 75 yds with the 90gr Federal ammo.
I'd like to sell everything together just to make it easier. This should be a full ready to hunt/ shoot deal for anyone. I hate to let it go since it was my first ar I built but it doesn't get used anymore and I've gotta make room in the safe for new projects. Asking 1100 + shipping for everything.