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AK47 Feed System Secrets

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I was thinking about the bottom 6Oclock lug on the AK bolt and trying to figure out if there was anything special about the feed system.
I have a few questions that one of my brothers with an AK laying around could answer.

When you insert a full mag with the bolt closed, is the cartridge stack depressed by the bottom of the bolt carrier?
Any difference in insertion force required if the bolt is held back during insertion?

Does the bolt carrier drag/touch the top cartridge during its initial rearward movement or is it only the bottom lug that interacts with the cartridge stack?


Cool picture here.
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Re: AK47 Feed system

I have never felt any resistence when rocking a mag into the mag well and locking it in place. If there is any pressure applied to the ammo stack it is minimul. I have very limited experience with this system, I've owned two and handled a couple others. I would imagine with tolerance stacking and manufacturing allowances some would fir tighter than others. My experience says that very little contact, if any, ocurrs between the magazine and the bolt.
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