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Aimpoint or Eotech

  • Eotech

    Votes: 22 33.8%
  • Aimpoint

    Votes: 25 38.5%
  • Both

    Votes: 15 23.1%
  • Other

    Votes: 3 4.6%

Aimpoint or Eotech?

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Ok guys, let's keep it civil (I know we will as this site has more class then that other forum).

I wanted to start a poll:

Which do you own? Why? Pros Cons?

Aimpoint (which model)
Eotech (which model)

Here is my reason, none of my fun stores carries stuff like this (mostly fud stuff) so it's hard to go out and get a feel for them.
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I'll try to add my 2 cents, and see if this helps.

1) the Aimpoint definitely has better battery life. There is no contest here. Eotech needs to get their battery life up.....like you should be able to leave it on at least for the whole weekend without the battery dying, let alone leaving it on in the safe for 5 years. Winner here: Aimpoint

2) All Aimpoints have biiger dots than Eotechs. This doesnt' matter for most because these are not precision sights. It mattered for me, because I shoot red dots for precision with a magnifier, as I learn to shoot with less and less magnifncation as I age. Only Eotech offers a 1MOA dot, and that does indeed give better precision when under magnification w/ an add on magnifier or when you are using the PVS-14 with a 3X magnifnier. Winner here : Eotech

3) Using NVD's, I firmly believe the Eotech obscures the FOV less in a PVS -14 than does the Aimpoint. The round body / housing of the Aimpont shows up in the PVS -14 whereas the Eotech does not. This allows for a more unobstruced view and more light transmission, whcih is so critical with NVD's to begin with. Winner here: eotech

4) Toughness and reliablity. My personal experience has been exactly perfect with the Eotech, so I can only say I have never had a single problem. However, we have all heard the stories about the battery housing, corrosion and the contacts wearing, failing or mioisture degradsing them. The Aimpoint has earned a reputation for being Rock-solid . Both seem to zero well and hold that well. winner here : Aimpoint.

5) Price: Winner here: Eotech, but ONLY because the Eotech does not hold its value as well. they are pretty close price ponts when new, but used Eos can be had all over the internet for as little as $300, and this is a screaming deal for a guy that just bought his first Xtreme, and his fourth 6.8 upper :eek:

Tough decision, but you have to weigh all these factors and decide for yourself. If you never intend to use NVD's I think Aimpoint is hard to beat. If you use the PVS-14, and don't want to have to have 3 optics for each given gun, Eotech.

Just my .02, YMMV, and to each his own,,,,blah, blah, blah
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I am starting to use the 3X magnifier with the LaRue flip to side mount. This allows me not to have to switch optics.

I sight in during the day with the Eo, then I can use the 3X at distance. If a hog runs out in front of me at 40 yards, I shoot with the dot unmagnified. At night, I simnply take the PVS out of my man-purse, and mount it to the rifle.

One optic....three uses. :)
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