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Aimpoint M4s/Aimpoint 3xMagnifier on Larue Mounts.

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My Aimpoint M4s with Larue Mount and Aimpoint 3xMagnifier with Larue Flip Mount finally came in today. I've had Aimpoints in the past and I even had an Aimpoint 3xMagnifier, but I never had the Larue Flip Mount.

Aimpoint M4s with Larue Mount:
The first thing I did was remove the Kill flash that it came with. It is a pain in the ass to use the Irons with so I never use the kill flash. The dot is 2MOA, which is perfect for me, especially with the magnifier. The battery compartment on the M4s was moved to the lower right side which really helps with the view obstruction (not to be confused with field of view). Basically, it is less annoying. Although it looks kind of bulky and heavy, it really isn't the Aimpoint M4s with the Larue mount weight around 12oz, which is the same as an EOTech 552.

Aimpoint 3xMagnifier with Larue Pivot Mount:
As I wrote before, I've had the Aimpoint 3xMagnifier in the past and it is a very nice unit. I still don't know if they are worth the price, but they are good tools to have if you have an EOTech or an Aimpoint. I feel very comfortable shooting man sized targets out to 300 yards with tis set-up. Aimpoint lists the eye relief at 1.5", but it is incorrect. It is more like 2-2.25", which is a good thing. Although I will be using my AR mainly with the magnifier off of it, the magnifier doesn't add too much weight. My AR below weights 10.5 LB with just the Aimpoint and when I added the magnifier, it still read 10.5 LB. With the mount the 3xMagnifier weighs approximately 11oz.

Entire set-up:
The one thing I noticed is that with the Aimpoint M4s battery compartment being on the bottom right, the battery compartment hits the Larue Pivot mount, so I can't get the Aimpoint any closer to the than it is on the picture below. I'm also glad that I have the LMT MRP upper so I can have the Aimpoint forward like that. If I had a standard upper receiver, I would have to move the M4s and the Magnifier further back which would require me to open the stock to 1 or 2 more positions. The price for the entire set-up is around $1400, which is downright crazy. I told myself I would never pay $700+ for a red dot and here I am doing a review on it. :D An affordable alternative would have been to get the Aimpoint ComC3 with the Larue Mount and the Burris 3xMagnifier and then get the Larue Flip Mount, which would run around $800. But oh, well.

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Just got back from the range and I did the 100 yard accuracy Competiton and it worked very well. Next week when I go to the range, I'll try it again at 50 yards with the magnifier on and once with it off.

Hey Paulo, if you got rid of that tripod you could probably shed a couple of pounds of weight. :rolleyes:J/K

I'm sorry I couldn't resist that one. Both of your evaluations had the rest under your rifle and it was just too much for me. Oh the pains of boredom.
Imagine carrying that thing with you?
I know LaRue has a nice Cantilever mount for the Comp3. Maybe they don't have it for the m4s, but that would solve anyone elses problem that doesn't have your LMT MRP upper. I'll be purchasing a Comp3 soon and plan on getting that Cantilever mount incase i decide on the magnifier later.
The Larue mount for the M4 is actually a Cantilver mount.
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