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ADDAX Tactical's PWS 5.56 SBR/Pistol upper, 6.8 plans.

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http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b ... 4&t=426466

I spotted this in the "New Products" section on ARFCOM. Hopefully Chris will stop by and tell us more. SBR 6.8 Pistons sometime soon? Sounds like the 5.56 versions are inbound.
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Re: Check out ADDAX Tactical's 5.56 SBR/Pistol upper, 6.8 plans.

Tim_W said:
They are going to have more issues with a 6.8 because of bore and pressure
No, not really.
ArtFWTx said:

I spotted this in the "New Products" section on ARFCOM. Hopefully Chris will stop by and tell us more. SBR 6.8 Pistons sometime soon? Sounds like the 5.56 versions are inbound.
Actually that is PWS's new 7" Diablo that they created to address the needs for a 7" Gas Piston Upper.

Addax Tactical is one of the Exclusive Master Dealers for the Diablo. :D
ArtFWTx said:
It appears well executed. The list of components is impressive. Looks like quality parts all around.
Oh yeah!

I have seen the development of the Diablo from its initial renderings on a CAD Program, through prototype development and the final production version.

I was able to shoot a Diablo Prototype back in September 08 with PWS, it is one kick butt 7" Shorty Gas Piston Upper.

The gas piston system is very unique where it does address gas pressure concerns in such a short platform. :wink:
Tim_W said:
When I said pressure I was not talking about to much pressure I was speaking of too little pressure for the duration time to fill on a long stroke piston even with the extra back pressure from the comp which I think is very good. The 6.8 gives relief in the peak pressure but at the same time becasue of the shortness of its pressure curve the pressure at the port will not be high end for the such short duration. The larger bore size also plays into this as well because of the relationship with volume thru a given port size compared to the 5.56. You very likely can get one to run but it will still be a challenge to find the correct balance to allow light and heavy bullets to both function.

The other thing I would be looking at is the comp on there which as I said I like: As it has a expansion chamber in there to create necessary back pressure it is very likely that it also decreases (even if ever so slightly)not simply redirects the sound signature of the weapon which the ATF is going to ruin you day about. They will claim it meets the definition of a suppressor. Not saying that it does just that from the looks and the reason for its use makes this a possibility. IMO PWS should CYA, if they have not already handled this, it and have proof of them conducting even informal sound testing. It can be attached to a longer gun that doesn't need it for function to test which would probably be easier. The same thing happened with the first of whats now called "The flaming Pig" (not what they were called or who they were made by then) and the internals had to be removed to be sold without NFA stamps.

I am not trying to be a killjoy. I am VERY IMPRESSED with this upper. I really really like it to the point I am considering buying one. I was very impressed with its perf in the video as well. I think it should be a big seller for you guys and PWS.

BTW I have been looking aorund at your site. It is one of the best laid out and performing web sites I have seen in the firearms industry. The only others close are Victor's and one other I can't recall right now. Very nice. Must have cost some to have it done.unless one of you is a developer. Regardless very very nice.
I totally understand where you are coming from. :wink:

The Comp. design concerns have already been taken care of with ATF.

PWS is already starting to ship the Diablo's out.

You are right about the pressure issues especially when dealing with such a very short barrel/system, and PWS has addressed this, but I do not want to give away their technical secret sauce (so to speak).

They are currently working on a 6.8 version, they are looking to release in the future, when they receive their special order 6.8 barrels and other 6.8 components.

I have only shot the 5.56 version, and the overall design and performance are very impressive, and for a 7" piston driven upper, the accuracy was very impressive.
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Cold said:

We need a range report sir!
I have shot the 5.56 version a few times during its development.

PWS has done an outstanding job on addressing the concerns and issues found with 7" short systems. I can tell you that it is one kick butt upper, and accurate to boot.

PWS recently shot 30 - 30 round mags of 5.56 back to back, and not one hick up or stoppage.

I know PWS has shot thousands of rounds in development, and they are working on the 6.8 version as we speak, and they say it will not be an issue with 6.8.

PWS is waiting on some special order 6.8 barrels, and god knows when they will be in, but as soon as they do make the 6.8 version available for purchase, I already have my name on one, and I will provide you guys a range report. :D
Link to Diablo Video on You Tube:

Here is one of me with my 10.5" GPU Carbine Upper (Muzzle End Point of View) just for a bonus.. :wink:
Tim_W said:
awesome I look forward to seeing them.
I am planning a trip up to Idaho during the next couple months, and I hope to test shoot a couple of 6.8 versions when I am up there.

Of course I will provide any news or reports on a 6.8 version. :D
I would say go with the Diablo for the following reasons:

1) The Diablo uses an AR Bolt, Bolt Carrier, Charging Handle, Upper Receiver. If you ever need a replacement part, AR parts are going to be much easier to find, and you can change out the bolt, extractor etc. at home. Where was with a SIG, break an extractor or a bolt, and you are sending it back to SIG or to a SIG Authorized Repair Shop, and waiting for them to fix it for you... It happen to me with my SIG556 Swat Rifle. My extractor decided to break, and I had to ship my rifle back to SIG for them to repair it. They would not ship me the extractor.

2) The Diablo will install on AR Lowers.

3) The Diablo is UBER COOL! :D
Tim_W said:
You forgot that you are also selling it. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I agree with him I would go with the Diablo if this is about getting the smallest working package. I personally would like to see it worked a bit moro to ensure its rock solid but with the way PWS and ADDAX will stand behind their products it should not be much of an issue. Also all and all the piston part of any of these systems is not rocket science despite what many have said. Its the little things that make the dif. SO if it functions properly from the start and made with quality parts it should continue to. There is far less abuse from a long stroke compared to a short stroke as well as other benefits which is specifically why they used it not a SS :wink: .
LOL, Yeah, I guess that to.. :D

The development and testing for the Diablo has been long and grueling, and PWS went through several design changes before perfecting the design.

I tested the semi-perfected prototype back in Sept. 08, and I thought it was done and ready, but PWS wanted to try and destroy the Diablo before they released it.

In several series of tests, the Diablos were subjected to mega mag dumps, and no issues with the piston system or cycling, even as the barrels got red hot.

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