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Re: Accurate AKs??? Yes, It's Possible

My AK103.com Saiga conversion gets a solid 1 inch at 100 with Wolf ammo. I sighted in my Cobra red dot on top of that gun and I was very pleasantly surprised at the accuracy.

There is a hierarchy of Aks in the world, just do your research on which brands are higher quality and go from there. From my personal experience, here is my breakdown of quality, based on what I have seen:

E German
Chinese (milled)

Again, this is anecdotal, no figures to back it up, just impressions of guns I have handled over the last few years. All of these guns were "combat accurate" and fairly controllable on auto, at short ranges. The nicest one was the Chinese milled gun and it had to be old, but had a gorgeous mirror blue finish and insane fit and finish. I have shot Yugo, Ruskie, Chinese, and Iraqi ammo through them. The quality is ranked in that order-brass cased Yugo ammo had been my favorite. I like the Ruskie AP stuff as well, but I just feel that the brass case makes for a better shooting round. Iraqi was a 50 percent failure rate, btw.

It bears mentioning that you get what you pay for and the higher up you go on that list, the more expensive it gets.

Here's something to think about-the Dragunov is by many accounts a 3 or 4 moa gun, but insurgent snipers sure shoot the s**t out of Coalition troops/contractors with them. I have seen where bad guys would get 4 AK rounds on a drivers side window, on a vehicle going 130kph on a highway-from at least 200 yards away. (Yes, it was armored, nobody hurt.) They did this with regularity and did it well. God help you if you ran into a well trained crew with a PKM.

So, ultimately, the question is: how much accuracy do you really need......?

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There sure are alot of nice weapons that would make great trophies floating around. I tried to get a Belgian Hi Power back, but it was impossible. I wish I would have taken pictures of the proofs on Chinese rifle, it was a beaut. I agree that quality varies wildly between the different manufacturers, countries, etc.


AKs are aplenty, but I have only seen a captured Dragunov up close, once. My experience with long guns is limited to SPRs. I have never researched the Dragunovs, so I can't give you an opinion, but I am curious to hear what you learn.

Gabe Suarez hosts a Dragunov based sniper course, I bet one of his boys at Warrior Talk Forums would probably know more details on them. They are AK fanatics over there.

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