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Cohibra45 said:
The thing about this particular Valmet is it is the original 7.62x39 and uses any old AK mag :D :D :D !!! The later Valmets came in the 5.56 and had to use 'special' magazines, not the USGI types...

I was just wondering if anyone has AKs in their personal collection??

The limiting factor in the 7.62X39 rifles is most often the ammunition. There aren't a lot of match loads available in that caliber because most run of the mill AK's are not capable of match accuracy. Most are minute of man at 200 yards. The standard AK iron sights are also sorely lacking in the accuracy department. If you were to handload using good brass and bullets I am sure the Valmet would do well for you.

I have a Vector AK in 7.62X39 and appreciate it for what it is a robust reliable carbine but it would not be the first rifle I would grab out of the safe if the zombie hordes arrived.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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