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I use and really depend on Nosler Accubonds but because of their construction they are loaded to chart maximum or above and used in 18" to 24" rifles. Personally I wouldn't take a 12.5" barreled 6.8 deer hunting, have over a ten 6.8s from 8.5" to 12.5" and they are all relegated to defensive work but if happened to have a short barrel in truck and had a good opportunity would not pass up a deer. Shot a medium size die in my back yard at about fifty feet with a 12.5" loaded with Lehigh Controlled Chaos because was walking from truck to house and saw it standing behind the patio. Dropped it like a hammer.

Why not assemble an 18" upper for hunting? I regularly harvest coyotes from 350 to 450 yards with an 18" or 20" 6.8 but would not even risk that shot with a short barrel. Its not too big of a deal to assemble a second upper, could keep it sighted for deer and feel confident not only in the 50 yard shots but the 250 yard opportunities.
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