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Accidentle GP Light Buy will not go Bye Bye. Eh' It works gooder and weller enough.

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I accidentally got a Leaper QD grip pod with a 400 lumen light because I didn't read the description totally and there was no picture on the CD site. I thought I was getting the 400 lumen pistol light. Well...it seems to be a keeper.

I'm use to magpul GPs, seeing this one reaffirms my belife that the light Magpul one's are bester for just a grip pod. As magpul GPs are ergonomically designed, light and nice and short when you just want some thing to just grip and not fancy fandango light, 4 types of lasers, bipod and wi-fi antenna and such. My magpul gps I can have my hand on them for hours with out fatiguing my hand, don't know about what others think of that, but for me that is the bestest thing a GP can do or be when just using it for gripping and not griping.

The Leapers UT QD 400 Lumen GP is round, solidly built and very sturdy but needs a Picitinny rail to be used. I put it on my Adam Arms 5.56 and wow has a nice light pattern! Not super tight beam or a greatly diffused cover as much possible area flood light style. And with it being QD you can take it off when not needed or if it don't fit in the rifle case. Also makes a dandy flash light looking for that damn detent screw that fell and bounced on the floor to who knows where. I guess the heavy body part of the grip pod would make a great fist reinforcer if you needed to use it for that, with a blinding light in your opponent's eyes. It probably would do good on a Home Defence rig or if you need to put a fast light on your rifle that normally don't carry one if you got a Rail to mount it on that is. Its not the UBERIESTIE TACTICOOLIESTIERIERIESTEREST "OPERATOR" AND SPECIAL OPS UBER DUBER CLASS GEAR, but it works. I think and operator would use a thermal myself for night vision. Only down side would be the two 123A batteries it needs, if any one knows of a GP like this with normal batteries I'd like to hear it. Its push button right on the GP so you can manually strobe or keep light on.

Oh it was under $50 for those who are budget minded that's why I got it, was the price and I know Leapers UTG stuff is decent and serviceable and not crap from my experience.
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