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A2 Front Sight Replacement

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I have an A2 front sight on my 6.8 upper and would like to replace that with a gas block. How difficult is that to do?
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pantherdude said:
ArtFWTx said:
There's also a thread on ARFCOM about cutting the A2 front sight down to a low profile gas block. Dremel tool for the cutting, and you don't have to disassemble. This works well if you're covering it up with a tube or railed forend. In this thread the guy cut on an A2 front sight disassembled, but with a vice holding things steady, you could do this on the gun fairly easily. By the way, some older Bushmaster Modular carbines had milled A2 gas blocks under the railed forends.

Thanks for the input. I don't I want to cut down the front sight. I have a 20" DPMS with a free float quadrail. I think if I can remove the A2 sight and replace it with a gas block instead it will look a lot more finished plus I'll be able to mount my scope closer to the center of the bore.
Mount your sight closer to the bore without cutting off the sight or replacing it with low profile gas block. You will probably be pleasantly surprised that you can barely see your front sight anyway. Depending on the power level of your scope you might not even see the "shadow" of the front sight. I've been amazed at how little the front post interferes with my scopes. You will notice the U.S. Army's Mark 12 Model 0 has the front sight left alone while mounting a Leupold Mark 4 2.5x8 scope on pretty low rings. You may save some time and money if you leave it alone.
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