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A few deer taken by my children with the 6.8

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Conner's first buck (9 point) with the 6.8...
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Conner's first buck but with a .223...
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Courtney's big doe...taken with the 6.8
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Those are some really nice bucks. Congratulations to y'all, way to go!
Well done. Always nice to see kids hunting.
Great pics and great family ! That's what it is all about.
Thanks for the kind words guys...
Congratulations to you and your kids. What bullets were you using in both guns?
Congratulations to you and your kids. What bullets were you using in both guns?
In the 6.8 we used the Nosler Accubond 100 grain. I wanted the 110, but got the 100 due to the 110 not being available. It worked great. We have some of the barnes 85s and 95s that we will be trying soon, but haven't yet. I have also personally used the Hornady SST 120, and while I found my buck and it was humainly killed with just one well placed shot, I was very disapointed with its performance as there was ZERO blood trail even though the vitals were taken completley out. In open territory, it would have been fine, but we hunt in thick cover and it took forever to find that buck even though it was just 70 yards out. I have also shot some of the Federal Fusion in factory loads, but I haven't shot any game with it yet...just paper.

In the .223, we used the 64 grain Winchester Power-Point in some hand loads...and it worked great. I have some barnes for it too, but again, I haven't tried the barnes yet. My reason for giving the power-points a try was because they are cheap, can be purchased in bulk, shoot very well for us, and they have been great performers for us in other calibers. The Power-Point is also available in a 130 grain in .277 diameter, but I haven't loaded it in the 6.8 yet. I want to research that to see if it will fit in the OAL. And, I also have some of the factory Fusion ammo for it, but haven't tried it in the .223 either...just paper.

I got the federal fusion on sale for less than $10 a box...and even though I handload, that is very reasonable...so I snatched a good bit of it up in both calibers.
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Nothing better than watching your kids take game, congrats!
The more posts I read about blood trails (or lack of) I'm really thinking about switching from 120 SST to the federal fusion.
I'm getting ready to make the switch to the barns 95g ttsx because of the same reason. I've shot 4 deer with 120g sst. 2 dropped in their tracks, 2 ran into thick cut over. Really light blood trails. I mean crawling on your Hands and knees.
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