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I recently started this thread with questions about load development for the 85 gr. TSX and got a lot of good input, but, well, as expensive as those little puppies are, I decided to work on loads for the 90 gr. TNT first, then use the powder(s) that showed the best potential to develop loads for the 85 gr. TSX.

90% of my 6.8 reloading has been with H322. I've gotten decent velocity and good accuracy with the 90 to 115 gr. bullets. With H322, the 90 TNT is consistently the most accurate bullet I've shot in my 6.8 Mini, however the velocity was only mediocre (2780 fps) using 30.8 gr. (published max is 31.0 gr.) of the H322. My goal was to find another powder that would provide good accuracy and higher velocity with the 90's and then start testing that powder with the 85 gr. TSX. Well, I found one, but it wasn't what I expected.

I carefully loaded and fired 3 rounds each of 3 different load weights of 4 different powders: RL7, RL10X, XTerminator and H335. Brass was SSA and primers were Wolf SRM. The range elevation is about 100' above sea level and the temp. was 85 degrees F. I was surprised by the following results.

Powder--Load (gr.)--Avg. Velocity--SD--Observations
RL7--27.5--2647--24--accuracy-poor; no pressure signs

RL10x--29.5--2737--17--accuracy-OK; no pressure signs

XTerm--33.0--2928--5--accuracy-good; primers-slightly flattened--no other pressure signs

H335--34.0--2844--21--accuracy--good; primers-slightly flattened--no other pressure signs

I was disappointed with the RL7. At the published max (27.5 gr.) it was at least 200 fps slower than expected. It appears I could safely up the loads, but I not sure it's worth it for the 90's. I may try a few loads with the 85's in the future.

The RL10 was OK, but not as good as the H322 I've been using with the TNT's.

My rifle seems to really like XTerminator. It was clearly the best performer! I've only tried it with two different bullets--130 gr. Rem. CoreLokt and now 90 gr. TNT and it has given me the highest velocity, lowest SD and good accuracy with both! I'll have to try it with the 110's and 115's soon.

All the H335 loads were accurate even though the SD was high and erratic, but I was surprised that they were 84 to 118 fps slower than the XTerm.

Based on these results, I'm planning to work up XTerm. loads for the 85's going from 32.5 to 33.5 gr.

As always, I would appreciate your thoughts and input. Thanks.

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I use H4198 for the 85 TSX and the 90 grain HP's. I stick with Hodgdon's data, 28.6 max, for the 90 grain TNT. This gives me over 2900 fps from a 16" barrel and 2545 from an 8.5 inch barrel.
Well, darn it, that's what I was wanting to buy, but the local Gander Mtn. only had the RL7 in stock--I guess I'll have to keep looking for the H4198.
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