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85g vs 110g TSX

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I know the 110g penetrates further in ballistic gel, but how does the slower speed affect penetrating harder substances (i.e., steel or bone)? has anyone been able to burn through steel plates with the 110s the way the 85s have?
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This is what I think after talking to HTR and such about these bullets.... Barnes claims you need around 2200 or so FPS for this bullet to expand the 85 grainers are going way above that so we know it expands when it meets resistance... now the 110 dont get close to the same speeds so your range it will expand diminishes also becuase of that you really need to hit bone for the bullet to expand... I think several people have mentioned that a shot into the boiler room of a deer isnt enough to do it... it may not be enough for the 85's either but last I knew no one had tried it....
I noticed that in your other thread and was going to ask you about that....

I sent Barnes an email asking about them offering the TTSX in a 90 or so grain and they replied:

Found the email from Barnes:
Our tests show that the TTSX opens up at only 1", where the TSX opens fully between 1" and 2". As far as the opening velocity goes, most TSX's require 1800fps, where most TTSX's require 2000fps. The 85gr for the 6.8 SPC has a minimum opening velocity of 2100 fps. This bullet is specifically designed to be a lower penetration round desirable for the 6.8 AR platform for LE and Military type uses. Again I will pass this information on. Thanks

Ryan Keele
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