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85g vs 110g TSX

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I know the 110g penetrates further in ballistic gel, but how does the slower speed affect penetrating harder substances (i.e., steel or bone)? has anyone been able to burn through steel plates with the 110s the way the 85s have?
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These velocities sound like they are backwards. The TTSX has a nose cavity twice the size of the cavity of the TSX. The tip obviously acts like a wedge and assists in opening the petals outward as they deflect away from tissue on impact. The TSX does not have this feature, and could actually "implode" into itself at lower velocities, when below the threshold of 2000 or so FPS. However, it is possible that the TSX uses a softer copper alloy. When I shoot them at steel, they mushroom into themselves with the base of the bullet stiking out of the back of the bullet, but they are shaped more like a cupcake than a mushroom :lol: . The 85's, with their speed, managed to sail right through that plate a few times. :eek:

I am not sure, but with barnes confirming that the TTSX opens more quickly, it is evident that the tipped bullet with larger hollow point is going to expand more and do so at a slightly lower velocity.

So, what I am seeing in the field, is that the TTSX looks like it is opening up around 1700-1800 and the TSX is opening around 2100.

Thus, I have shied away from the 110 TSX, and moved toward the 85, since I am getting them reliably to the 3000 FPS mark, even out of my 12.5 inch barrel, and more like 3200 from a 20" barrel. I have seen some of the 110 grain TSX's fail to open up, but I have never seen a TTSX open and the fastest I have driven them is 2700.

I think Barnes does need to release a 90 grain TTSX, and just drop the 110 TSX from the 6.8 line. I think the 85 is by far the better TSX bullet. I use the 85's for anything and the TTSX's for deer, but I will only use the 110's for hogs because I cannot get them going fast enough to make them perform like they should.
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110 TTSX -SSA brass, Wolf small rifle military primer and 29.5 grains of Reloader 10X.....gets me to 2696 FPS from my 16" Cardinal superlight 16" which happens to have a .276 bore.

The 85 grain TSX is loaded with SSA brass, Wolf small rifle mil. primer, and 30.5 grains of Re 7. This got me to 2975 FPS out of my 12.5" Cardinal Barrel.

the 85 TSX goes 3200 out of the ARP 12/3.

I load both to 2.30"
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