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The 62gr Controlled Chaos is a monolithic fragmentation bullet. It is designed to expand then immediately lose its copper petals which travel outward, increasing the size of the wound channel as the remaining bullet shanks continues to penetrate. The bullet did this reliably down to 2000 fps, the lowest velocity I was able to test. These were shot with 62gr Dual Performance factory ammunition that had a 3010 fps mv out of an 18” ARP with 1:8 twist. Accuracy was moa but I did experience a couple fliers. This bullet is recommended for at least 1:9 twist. Terminal performance will improve with faster twist rates, 1:7 being best. It should be noted that the measured BC of 0.225 (G1) is significantly lower than the advertised of 0.282. One reason for this reduction is the deep, square grooves in the bullet shank. This bullet was losing more than 400 fps every 100 yards of travel, negatively reducing its effective hunting range.

The terminal performance testing was done with the same methods as in the 6.8mm thread

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These impact tests were conducted with a gallon water jug in front of a bullet trap comprised of a ¼” foam board, 1500 pages of phonebook, then magazines as the backstop. Penetration through 1100 pages of phonebook has equated to broadside penetration of a mid-size whitetail deer. Bullet impact on the water jug was very energetic. Four to 5 fragments were separating from the bullet’s shank. You can see their outward travel on the foam board. These break-away petals averaged just over 5 grains and penetrated about 300 pages of a phone book which means they carry sufficient energy to inflict internal damage to the vitals. The average petals had two sections that break-off together. The 2.7 gr petals on the left are singles and only penetrated 75 pages into the phonebook. Look closely at the ones in the middle and you will see they have two fingers. The deep penetrating bullet shanks were consistent at 36.4 grains +-0.1. At 100 yards, the shank penetrated through pages of phonebook and 7 magazines which is deep penetration for a .224 caliber bullet. Even the low-speed bullet shank demonstrated it had enough energy to penetrate a small deer stopping in the 2nd magazine.

Thank Unobtanium for contributing these bullets for testing. Feel free to contribute your hunting experience with this bullet.

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