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6.8 trajectory?

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I'm looking to build a new rifle. I'm thinking something in the 18" range for a good compromise. I'm trying to decide if I want to do a 5.56 or 6.8. My only 6.8 is an sbr (10.5") and I don't get to shoot it enough due to lack of ammo locally and the price, compared to having plenty of 5.56/.223. Because of this, I'm afraid another 6.8 will sit but I'd really like a good 18" stout rifle.

Rarely would I ever encounter a situation to shoot past 400 yards.... maybe very very rarely to 500. My question is the trajectory of 6.8 compared to 5.56 in the 300 to 500 range. My sbr has a short range zero and I'm anxious to play with it to 400 but have yet to. Is there a good chart showing more accurate trajectories?
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Yea, i was more or less wanting to compare 5.56 to 6.8 to consider my next build. I was kind of wanting to build a 16" or 18" 6.8 for some longer range strong hitting shots, seeing that the 5.56 loses some oomph for game or something other than paper or steel. My sbr is 10.5" is setup with an Aimpoint and I may just set up my 8-14 scope for long range with it and use the aimpoint for the majority of the time. But, I'm not totally sure what my usable distance is on my 10.5" 6.8, I'm assuming in the 300 yard range, which is enough really.

On my 5.56, I can hit 300 to 400 with the aimpoint and a magnifier but it appears the 6.8 drops and may only be reliably usable with an aimpoint / magnifier to 250 or so, which is still fine. I'm struggling to figure out what I want to do with this next build. Rarely do I really take a shot at game (large game/hunting or varmits) longer than 200 yards so the sbr truthfully is suitable for a good all around rifle that's easy to carry. So, I may consider setting the new rifle up as an 18" 5.56 for a nice super flat varmint type rifle. Wonder how many yards out a 5.56 is truthfully usable for something like coyotes or similar sized game? I'm not a paper pusher and don't really go out too much to shoot paper at yardage for fun, but I could see the benefit on my ranch at shooting a coyote at 400 to 500 yards in some cases if I wanted, but not enough to build a dedicated varminter. I have a 16" Colt 5.56 that I thought about using this for but being a Colt, it's not going to be super accurate like a dedicated varminter but probably accurate enough for me. Then I thought about a short 10.5" 5.56 to use for closer distances (0 - 150) and a suppressor a to go with my 6.8 sbr.

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