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6.8 trajectory?

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I'm looking to build a new rifle. I'm thinking something in the 18" range for a good compromise. I'm trying to decide if I want to do a 5.56 or 6.8. My only 6.8 is an sbr (10.5") and I don't get to shoot it enough due to lack of ammo locally and the price, compared to having plenty of 5.56/.223. Because of this, I'm afraid another 6.8 will sit but I'd really like a good 18" stout rifle.

Rarely would I ever encounter a situation to shoot past 400 yards.... maybe very very rarely to 500. My question is the trajectory of 6.8 compared to 5.56 in the 300 to 500 range. My sbr has a short range zero and I'm anxious to play with it to 400 but have yet to. Is there a good chart showing more accurate trajectories?
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Ill try to get some screen shots of the ballistic program on my iPhone with the data you're looking for.
ETA: these are for the 18" barrel with the velocity figures from Paulo's data.
Corbon DPX 6.8 SPC 110gr TSX (rough numbers)

Sierra 90gr HP

If you have any info you want me to input into the program and make a table for you just let me know. I can change the increments as well as atmosphere, angle, and everything else you see in the table. I can also compare rounds such as 5.56 vs 6.8 vs 7.62. You give me the info and I'll do my best to get you the info.
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